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TheBubble97Hey guys come check out my 2018 into Created by ME and Files created by Pixehl
BGM Gaming Intro of 2018
My Intro for 2018 Hope you guys like it. Made with blender s...
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TheBubble97Hey guys I will be going,live,for a Q&A on twitch soon don't miss out going live soon

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TheBubble97Hints for the winning of the Quest
MineCraft Semanti Quest
Hello and Welcom My channle and Help Support Me. Lets Reach ...
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sackyii   That was slick Bubble. Someone found it & took the diamonds. I put the chest, pot & cactus back at your base.
R0bstar V  I found it (first) but only took one diamond. Matt did the same. Now I'm curious who took the rest!
R0bstar V  Was my note still in the chest?
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Semanti has reached a new record of 250 registered users today!
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ArthurIgnatius   Two-fiftyyyyyyyyyy
TheBubble97I have hidden 4 chest around the server and on top of the chest are flowerpots with cactus

Rewards are iron gold diomands and enchanted books and items

I will post 1 hin a day and i will try to add more chest as more people play.
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TheBubble97   Follow me on my page to see the hints every day
Boatesy   created a new thread Starter Town in the General Discussion forum
TheBubble97Whats the discord server ip
ArthurIgnatius   look here for info on how to join discord :) [link]
ArthurIgnatius   created a new thread Voting sites UPDATE in the Server Promo forum
TheBubble97Hey just got banned for spamm and it was not me it was my family messing with me if anyine can help
R0bstar V  published Merry christmas everyone! on News
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MattGSM mod  created a new thread Castella de Medievalus in the Build Projects forum
TheBubble97Hello I am wondering if i can get my old small house from the old server if anyone can tell me,,,
ArthurIgnatius   Should be able to! Message with the deets pls
R0bstar V  It's done!
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