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VrisK adminV posted Jun 15, 17  -  #SummerFUN

Summer is finally here and what better way to celebrate by catching up with old friends here at Semanti?

So come sit-back, relax, and hang out with us! 

*Sidenote; 1.12 is here! New structures, monsters, and even pets?! Explore now!*

(If you wanna be in the next Semanti News Feed post, comment below your favorite summer activity)

DBaconBoy Von
DBaconBoy @ Semanti
Right now my favorite summer thing to do is minecraft XD
Chocobunny110 AWW Its so cute!!!
MattGSM mod My favourite (favourite with an o and a u. Not favorite but favourite like flavour. :) ) is giong out in the garden and ...
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