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SkyBlock worlds are now live on Semanti!  Run "/island spawn" to teleport to the floating castle, and then claim your very own island in the Sky.

TheMaxxTrixx starting to build

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4wilmer   registered to Semanti
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eggercraftWho is the Owner of this Enderman Farm in the End?

Hey! It would be awesome if someone knows who built this endermanfarm because i want to remove it to make the end look better but we cant remove it without permission of the owner and thats a problem! If you are the owner please tell us that youre fine if we remove your farm and btw im going to build an communial farm anyway so there is no need for this one!
Thank You!
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R0bstar   Since the farm is only partially completed and no one seems to be working on it, I'll make a backup of it tomorrow and then remove it, unless someone responds!
sackyii   published I believe I can Fly, I believe I can touch the Sky[Block] on News
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alexander0211   registered to Semanti
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