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VrisK admin posted Jun 15, 17  -  #SummerFUN

Summer is finally here and what better way to celebrate by catching up with old friends here at Semanti?

So come sit-back, relax, and hang out with us! 

*Sidenote; 1.12 is here! New structures, monsters, and even pets?! Explore now!*

(If you wanna be in the next Semanti News Feed post, comment below your favorite summer activity)

MattGSM mod My favourite thing to do in the summer is going out in the garden and playing with the hose pipe and doing water fights!
DBaconBoy Right now my favorite summer thing to do is minecraft XD
Chocobunny110 mod AWW Its so cute!!!
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TheBubble97Im curently looking to buy 3 nether stars if anyone can sell contact me
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VrisK   Did sacky run out in his shop?
TheBubble97   I think he did but he has beacons but i dont want to buy beacons
Krystalin V  registered to Semanti
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DrXenon   registered to Semanti
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DrXenonHow does this website work help me please
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VrisK   what do you want to find/use?
TheBubble97   What ever you need help just ask im on almost every day
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